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Jowell Skiffington

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Just getting ready for work ... [Aug. 19th, 2004|06:06 pm]
Jowell Skiffington
[music |Velvet Acid Christ - Pretty Toy]

and I realized something! Eureka I thought to myself ... well not really, that would make me a proponent of devilrish faggotry and being from the south, we don't like queerzos down here. So back to the point, I was on a morning stroll when I saw a hooker. She was a beautiful lass and well, to get matters going, I stabbed her eyeball with a crude stick that I dipped in lemon juice for my daily regiment of lemon/eye juice. So she was all still and such, I assume because she was dead but no one can be sure nowadays and it struck me. It took me all of 7 minutes and 47 seconds to fully accomplish this act and yet I get paid 7.16 an hour to sell my soul. I think we're on to a new business model here.

All I have to do is start a hooker killing business and as I become more proficient, I'll be able to hook at least 12 hookers an hour. After I hire a dependable crew of scallywags, I figure we'll be like, what? 107 years away from a hooker free world, taking into account the death/birth rate, psychological approximation read outs of the baby to hooker transition ratio and the wind chill factor. Alright you got me, I guess it only comes down to wind chill factor like everything else but I digress.

The point? Never trust channel 5 read outs on wind chill factors because like, they lied to me and it cost me the heads of at least 3 and a half hookers today. Anyways, off to lunch with Heidi Fleiss.